Dear Customers of Dr. Mask,

Healthy New Year in 2021!

Dr. Mask was born one month after Christmas of 2019. We still remember those sleepless nights when we worried about the mask materials, machines, and production. We tried our best, we made mistakes, and we learned throughout the process. We experienced several waves, but our mission remains unchanged:

"Be a social enterprise which makes affordable masks and provides employment opportunity for the underprivileged groups."

Every piece of mask has come a long way, and every piece is made, checked, and delivered by our dedicated social enterprise staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zubin FoundationShalini, Sandy and Matthew for recommending good talents to us, and our line leaders Mani and Maria for their perseverance and craftmanship.

I would like to thank my social business partners Mrs. Fung, Eddy, Mr. Ting, Mr. Fung, Vicky, and Wynne for their advice, support, and assistance. Last but not least, I would like to thank customers of Dr. Mask for your understanding, support and patience.

As a token of appreciation, we will offer a "Buy One Get One Free" promotion for all customers, who purchase disposable masks (plain or color) from DEC 29, 2020 to JAN 15, 2021. Hope this limited-time offer helps in the fourth wave.

Besides masks, we have introduced some new products and services such as COVID-19 Antigen Quick Test (20 mins), Nitrile Examination Glove, Isolation Gown, KN95 masks, Portable Sampling and Testing Clean-room, and 3D - BFE 99 reusable mask. If you are interested in any of the above products, please email us or leave us a message.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Best Regards,

CEO of Dr. Mask

Antigen Covid-19 Quick Test (20 mins) & After-Testing Service

To identify the positive cases of Covid-19 in community as early as possible, we introduce this 20-min Antigen Covid-19 test to you. When you are the first to know the result, you can take immediate action to protect your family and company. To ensure 100% accuracy, we will refer you to the government certified lab to do additional Viral-RNA test (valued at HK$800) for free if your antigen test result is positive. Please call or whatsapp us for testing information or reporting any positive result for further testing.

Starting a Social Enterprise Mask Production Line to make affordable masks and create equal employment opportunities



Dr. Mask 董事局主席

Dr. Mask 股東

Dr. Mask COO

Dr. Mask CEO

Face Mask Info:

Three Sizes: Adult, Medium, and Small
Tested by EN 14683: Type 1 & PFE Test
EN14683 Type 1

Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥95%

Differential pressure, Pa/cm2 (Breathability): <40

Microbial cleanliness (cfu/g): ≤30

Cleanroom: ISO Class 8 無塵車間NEBB

PFE Test

Particulate filtration efficiency: ≥95%

EN 14683 vs ASTM:

Many customers ask why Dr. Mask follows the testing standards of EN 14683, and not ASTM. Both tests have their pros and cons. ASTM includes PFE in its test, but EN 14683 does not require PFE. However, ASTM does not require Microbial Cleanliness test, but EN 14683 requires it. To ensure that Dr. Mask covers the best of both worlds, we send our masks to Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre to perform two tests.

One is EN 14683 and another one is PFE test. With this arrangement, we cover BFE, PFE, Differential Pressure, and Microbial Cleanliness. Their similarities and differences are illustrated in the table below: